Last semester in one of my classes, someone from the CAES Study Abroad office came to speak. As she was talking about the different trips that were offered, I began thinking that it would be so much fun to go on one of the trips. I started to ask around about which trip would be best to go on. I realized that several of my friends had gone on this trip in previous years. When I asked them about the trip I remember seeing the excitement that they had in their eyes. They went on to tell me all the stories about how much they learned, the amazing people they met, and places that they went to. They had me convinced this was the trip that I wanted to go to. Fast forward to February, and I was not getting nervous but actually more excited about going. After telling people from home where I was headed over spring break, I was asked many questions about where Uruguay was. Many had never heard about the small country. This made me more excited to know that I was going to have the opportunity to travel to a place that many had not even heard of!