I took a few pictures of the airport in Miami, where our connecting flight to Montevideo, Uruguay was boarding. I remember looking out the window at the airplanes and thinking how I couldn’t believe that I was going to Uruguay! I had never been outside the U.S. and was excited to travel to South America. I had always thought that my first trip outside the U.S. would be to somewhere nearby like Canada or the Bahamas, not somewhere that was on the other side of the world!

My flight to Uruguay consisted of two flights, one that was an hour and a half to Miami, and another that was nine hours to Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay. Between the two flights I had a lengthy layover in Miami, during which I got to know some of my fellow classmates that were on the Uruguay study abroad as well. During the layover we explored the terminals at Miami and saw some interesting art that was displayed on the walls of the terminal. It’s funny how something I thought would be boring turned out to be a memorable experience!