Having the opportunity to tour all over Georgia and see a variety of operations has opened my eyes to the wide variety of agricultural businesses that Georgia has to offer. One of our most beautiful stops was in the Blue Ridge Mountains at Wolf Mountain Vineyard. Literally on the side of a mountain, this winery has a beautiful view that attracts guests near and far. However, the location also provides some obstacles that the winery has to overcome. The winery has specialized equipment with independent wheels (not hooked together via axle) so that it can climb/traverse the uneven terrain, and the driveways and parking lots are strategically placed so that people can easily get to the main winery area.

Besides the logistics of the winery from the visitor’s side, the family that owns the winery pours their heart and soul into their work. Listening to the family describe all that goes into caring for a vine, such as having the perfect soil pH, or the precision of timing for the seeds to become perfect, demonstrated just a few of the challenges that they face. I never knew how important the seeds of the grape were for making the wine.While you don’t want the seeds crushed and IN the wine, you want them to give off their flavor in the wine before they’re removed. There is also much thought that goes into the blending of different wines together for unique flavors that are a signature to that particular winery.

Much of their efforts goes into marketing their products and services as well. While in the beginning their reputation was established by word of mouth, now they put forth a conscious effort to advertise via various social media platforms run by students from the college nearby. Their wedding venue has also proven to be a great amount of work to manage as well, as it is a FULL wedding service venue. Everything is provided for the bride, besides her dress and flowers- food and catering/serving, beverages, staff and venue are provided by Wolf Mountain Vineyard. This variety of services offered coupled with the family’s passion and true desire to “help people have fun” is sure to keep this family business rocking and rolling for years to come.

– Kayla Alward