17 November 2016

6:30 p.m.: Athens, GA

I am currently sitting in my apartment with my roommates. Leaving is finally sinking in! I finished packing in two hours, and I feel as though I haven’t had the time to really give much though to my upcoming adventure.

I couldn’t be more ready to depart, but at the same time, I am oddly calm. Maybe it will really hit me when I step off of the plane into the welcoming humidity of San Jose. As a returning student who recently completed the Avian Biology Maymester in Costa Rica, I am anticipating the volcanoes and the sounds of monkeys howling in the night. More importantly, I feel as though I am running out of time to make my decision.

Am I really going to transfer to a campus abroad?

Where should I go?

What shall I decide to pursue my career in?

I’m 24 years old! Shouldn’t I know all of these things by now???

Or is everything we are taught to believe only as true as we make them?

Either way, I am very excited! Pura vida!

18 November 2016

6:13 a.m.: Hartsfield Jackson Airport

So getting here was an adventure on its own! The Megabus was 3 hours late; I met an old friend from high school; a cop pulled and let the three of us sit in his backseat to warm up (never thought I would willingly do that!), and I helped my new Chinese friend get to the correct airport.

I’ve been here since 3 a.m.. It took an hour to go through TSA once employees finally arrived around 5. I am sipping Mickey D’s coffee while watching South Park in Spanish. He estado levantar por 24 horas (I have been awake for 24 hours). I am flying standby, and the flight is at 9. Long day.

10:46 p.m.: San Jose–Hotel 1915

I finally made it! The first flight was full. I am exhausted. I don’t really remember walking through customs again. I’ve showered now. We are at the hotel. I am about to pass out. Hasta luego!