Returning home my family was ecstatic to see me, asking to see pictures and hear stories of my time abroad. For me the return was a since of getting back to the roots I know and love. I did enjoy my time abroad, but after a month of being gone it was time to get home and share what I had learned. The hardest part about coming home was actually one of my worst fears before leaving, toilet paper location. I cannot count the number of times I have almost thrown my toilet paper into the trash as a habit that I picked up while abroad. The education system was the same since I had professors’ from the University of Georgia teaching me, so there was not much change in my learning process upon returning home. One thing that was different however was my view of the world. I only know a small part of all the insect diversity that is around and Ecuador made that fact very evident. In fact it is almost overwhelming to think about how much insect biodiversity does exist throughout the world. If this trip has taught me nothing more, it has taught me that I love my major, and would not trade what I do for anything. It is a passion in my heart that was only made stronger by my time spent abroad! I am so grateful that I had this opportunity!