It’s my last day in Toulouse and I’m not ready to leave. I’ve learned so much on this trip–from French food production to French culture and, well, French. I love the language so much and it’s been so amazing to be submerged in it for three weeks. It has been an wonderful experience and there’s no way I could have gained this type of learning experience in Georgia. I’m positive that I will take what I’ve learned here at ENSAT and apply it to my future studies in agriculture. Aside from academics, this trip has helped me gain very useful connections that may help me launch my future career.  There is a good chance I may be coming back next year to do an exchange semester (or maybe two). I talked to some faculty at ENSAT about applying to the agrofoodchain master’s program here. They looked at my transcript and resume and said that they wouldn’t have any problem enrolling me in the classes if I wanted to come. So as long as I can convince my mom, I have to option to study here after graduation! I like options. Options are nice. Especially when they involve living in France for a year. Anyways, I have to catch a flight soon. Hopefully there will be no delays/cancellations due to strikes.


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