Between preparing for Europe and studying for finals, the last few weeks have been a grind and somewhat unnerving. However, I think the stress of finals have prevented me from becoming so anxious about my trip. My biggest concern going into the Toulouse program is my inability to speak any French. Fortunately, CAES orchestrated a few meetings prior to leaving to discuss any concerns we have, and offered some good advice to help us make the most of time abroad. Prior to Toulouse, I will be spending a few days in London. Because English is the primary language and their culture is almost identical to ours, I have very little concern about that portion of my trip. I undoubtedly believe it will be a wonderful experience. From London I will train through France down into Toulouse. I think after spending a couple of days alone in London I will be anxious to meet up with my group and begin our program, as well as forge new friendships with those in my group. Our itinerary looks amazing, and I am unbelievably excited to embark on this journey. I am extremely grateful for CAES and my parents for  providing me with opportunity. It is sure to be an inspiring, educational experience that I will never forget. To my fellow travelers, bon voyage.

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