I would describe my pre-departure emotions as relieved more so than excited. I’ve been wanting to go to France for the past five years–ever since I took French in high school and fell in love with an entire language and culture. I am so thankful that the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences is giving me the opportunity to spend three weeks in France! According to my impossibly worried mother, I was overwhelmingly calm about leaving home and traveling for such a long period of time. Not only am I going to be in Europe for three weeks, but as soon as I get back to the states, I am headed straight to Pennsylvania for an internship until August. This will be the longest time I’ve ever spent away from my family, but I’m more than ready for this adventure.

In preparation for this trip, I have been brushing up on my French everyday. I think that’s the thing I’m most excited about–being submerged in the language. I will get to put my French knowledge to the test and see how much I know. I’m anticipating that I actually don’t know as much as I think I do. I’m most nervous about how people will treat us. There’s no doubt that we will stand out as a group of Americans, so I hope that the natives will be helpful and friendly to us. However, no matter what, I know this trip is going to be one to remember and I can’t wait to start experiencing a new culture and making memories!

À toute à l’heure!

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