Without a doubt, it is one of the most common questions I’m asked after I tell people how I just finished my second study abroad with the University of Georgia. It is definitely something that can not be wrapped up in just a few sentences. I personally believe, without a doubt, that there is a feeling that takes hold of oneself that you can only possess through the experience of studying abroad. But if I had to try and put it into words, I would say “I study abroad” due to the challenge of wanting/trying to communicate in a language that you are not accustom to talking in everyday. The ability to truly immerse yourself in a culture that is not like your own, whether it be how people interact socially, how it gives1653874_10206372584289661_549368493635534391_n you a different perspective of how the world is, or through the food. TRUST ME nothing will be the same. NOT. EVEN. McDonalds. But something that sticks with me constantly after I return, which is true after my trip to Uruguay, is the friendships that I make both there and with my fellow UGA students. I encourage everyone to study abroad and allow the opportunity to   study abroad to change you forever.