Arriving in Uruguay after a long, unrested flight, none of us were really sure what to expect. Excited and a bit delirious, we gathered our suitcases and went to meet up with the people leading our group for the week. Being one of the last to come out of the security portion of the airport, I was in shock until I found sweet Amanda’s face! We gathered up as Amanda introduced us to Bruno, who would soon become the heart and soul of our journey. Leaving the airport, there was no break. We moved straight into everything they had planned for the week. As far as the eye could see was the most beautiful landscape, culture, and people. Quickly, it became clear that the people of this country were one of a kind. Everywhere we went we were treated with great kindness and hospitality. The Uruguayan people were hard working, fierce, and extremely generous. At each farm, every one of us was greeted with a hug and a kiss as if we were old family. Touring the farms, you could tell the people were passionate about what their lifestyle and wouldn’t let anything get in their way. When talking to Bruno about the people in this sense one afternoon, he said to us, “We are strong, but with tender hearts.” Describing the country and the people to others back here in the states, I think this phrase says it all and speaks miles about the people of Uruguay. I think they thought it was a great opportunity to meet us and teach us about their agricultural systems, but little did they know of the blessing and impact they had upon our lives as they truly touched us with their “tender hearts”.