Tomorrow I leave for Uruguay. Going out of the country can be intimidating, especially for someone who, like myself, has rarely been out of the tri state area let alone the country. Tomorrow marks my first flight. Obviously it goes without saying that I am nervous about the departure and the trip. I like to think I had a plan up until today that would make this trip go smooth; or so I thought.

I woke up this morning like I do every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 4:30. I went to work, did my chores and came home with a plan. I was going to pack and have enough time left over to catch up on my homework and even take a nap. Sadly, as we all know, things tend to stray from the path that we envision in our minds. I spent the day tracking down lost articles of clothing, running to the store for last minute things, and attempting to make sure I had all the proper documents to ensure I did not become stranded in a foreign country. This all occurred in between playing modified fetch with a very patient five month old lab puppy who couldn’t quite understand why I was packing every single shirt I owned into a suitcase. Needless to say, my quick hour packing plan turned into an all day affair and I still don’t think I have everything.

Yet, the nerves and the nerves at the jitters have yet to take hold. I am slowly starting to realize that this time tomorrow I will be somewhere in between Miami and South America heading to what I know will be the experience of a lifetime. I am so excited to travel with some of the best classmates and to learn and gain a better understanding for the agricultural industry on a more global scale. I think seeing how the production systems in other countries work is a key point in understanding how our products not only differ but also in understanding our trade alliances . Plus, who doesn’t love touring farms all day and talking with producers about an industry we are all so passionate about? I look forward to keeping you all updated on our adventures and travels. Until tomorrow!

Victoria Weaver
University of Georgia
Class of 2016
Animal Science