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Post trip- Back to Reality

Back to reality is exactly what I had told my roommates before I left Costa Rica. I had such an amazing experience and will never forget the friendships I made or the memories that will last a lifetime. I called family members on the way back to Athens. I called my grandmother and told her all about my journey in Costa Rica and how it was such an amazing experience. I am truly lucky to have gotten to go on such a great trip! I called my grandmother and told her all about my trip. She was so excited for me and was glad I had told her I had made it safely back to the states! I was very fortunate to have my boyfriend pick me up from the airport and the whole ride home I wouldn’t shut up about my trip! I definitely considering going on another study abroad experience but just don’t know when I can go! I know that adding another experience adds on to my professional goals. I hope one day to incorporate the many lessons learned on my study abroad trips to my job. As the world gets more connected, I hope to be more understanding of other cultures. Getting to talk with small farmers first hand was a great insight into how the Ticos live! I am looking forward to possibly studying abroad in the future but for now I will have to reminisce on my trip and apply the knowledge gained.  I not only added to my professional experiences, I was also able to add personal gain. I am so glad to have grown more as a person on the trip as well as an educational leader.


group photo 6

Above are two pictures: The first of the 5 grad students who attended the trip! The second is of the whole group!