Hey all,

Well I’ve been back for the majority of a week and have to say it’s odd. I miss waking up and seeing mountains, free coffee every five minutes, and bonding time with the 19 other students I came to be so close to. But as I prepare for the final two weeks of classes (ever since I graduate in 12 days) I look back on the trip and it brings me true joy. I catch myself calling Puma Check, Black Coffee, and many other inside jokes, and no one around me understands.

I would not trade this experience for the world. I got to see a different place, explore beautiful locales, and learn all about coffee in the process! If anyone is looking for a chance to go on a relatively short adventure that is completely guided and put in place by the University, then this is a great trip to look into!

Hope you enjoyed hearing about this trip, and if you are wondering anything about this trip, feel free to ask!

Happy Holidays,

Robert Jones

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