My name is Morgen and I will be doing a Costa Rica study abroad trip over thanksgiving break. I am an undergrad Food Science major, that being said our main goal is to study coffee from the “bean to the cup!” We will be staying at the UGA Costa Rica campus for the majority of our stay. During the 10 day trip we will be visiting local coffee farms and learning what all happens to the coffee bean before the consumer can make a hot cup of joe. For me personally I love coffee so I’m very ecstatic to get to try some of the best coffee in the world. For me this will help give me new perspective of coffee and also more than likely make me appreciate it more. Also in the past I have been to Mexico so I’m curious to know how it will compare as far as culture and urbanization. This will also be my first experience doing a study abroad, I have traveled in the past but never with UGA. I’m kind of nervous not having my family around for the first time as I travel without them but I believe I will have an amazing time.