It’s only been a matter of hours since my flight landed back in the U.S. and reality is finally starting to sink in. I have to attend classes and go to work in less than 12 hours. The past ten days came and went in the blink of an eye and the only experience I know to compare it to is an adventure off to summer camp for the best week of my life. I’ve made so many wonderful friends and it’s strange to think that I will not see them all for breakfast and Costa Rican black coffee tomorrow morning.

Throughout the trip, our days were mostly jam-packed and we did not have time to stop and think about our exhaustion. Each activity from ziplining to night hiking, touring several coffee farms and production facilities, running away from tarantulas, salsa dancing, and even milking a cow made every day a new learning adventure. While my upcoming weeks leading into finals will be full, the transition from cultural experiences and classes revolving around coffee to standard lectures and tests will be rough.

So far, all of my friends and family are jealous of my non-traditional Thanksgiving. I’m also overflowing with fun facts about coffee and probably starting to annoy those around me. After overindulging on Costa Rican coffee, picking cherries myself, and meeting the farmers, my average morning cup of coffee will never suffice anymore. I’ve gained an appreciation for the art of brewing coffee, as well as the coffee growers and labor that goes into harvesting and processing the coffee cherries. All in all, I would not have wanted to spend my Thanksgiving Break any other way!

Pura vida!

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