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Post Trip: The Cortona 2015 Viticulture and Enology

The Cortona 2015 Viticulture and Enology Study Abroad program ended on June 2nd. Time in Cortona flew very fast. I wanted to stay one more week to taste more wines and visit more wineries. I think I will miss everything I have done in Cortona. I will miss the sensory labs, eating delicious sandwiches in Cortona, and going to amazing wine dinners every Thursday.

This program was my second study abroad program. I went to Costa Rica to participate in the “Coffee from Bean to Cup” program to experience excellent Costa Rican coffee, visit small and large coffee farms, and learn about their unique coffee culture last year. I learned many things and did many hands-on experiences in Costa Rica that I never can learn from textbooks. I realized how hands-on experiences are important.  Therefore, I participated in one more study abroad program, which is the 2015 Cortona Viticulture and Enology program. As I expected, I did a lot of hands-on experiences, such as visiting wineries, watching actual vines, touring wineries, and sensory labs. These things will help me become a beverage expert in the food industry in the future. In addition to these, I met new good friends, learned a lot of new information about wine, visited other cities in Italy, tasted Italian cuisine, and learned Italian culture. It was truly an amazing study abroad. I really appreciate that my school has diverse study abroad programs in many other countries and encourages students to participate in the programs.  I am very lucky that I participated in two amazing study abroad programs at UGA!