Well the day has finally come. I am headed to Toulouse, France to complete a three week study abroad program. Right now I am pretty torn. I am very excited about the trip, but I am also very sad about leaving my family when I feel like I just got home for summer. I’m not going to lie, preparing for this trip was stressful. After winding down from finals, I only had a few days to really sit down and prepare for this trip. I am sure that I have forgotten something (I’ll keep you updated). Sitting in the airport is a new experience for me. I have only flown a handful of times and it was with a large group of people. Getting here and getting through security was surprisingly easy. That was a relief. Now I am looking forward to boarding my flight and heading to Toulouse. I have a layover in London so I should arrive about 5 PM their time. With the six hour time difference, it will only be about 11 AM in Georgia. Despite the fears I may have, I am very excited about this adventure!

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