Typical Checklist for Spring Break:



Bathing suit




Boarding pass



“Where are you going for spring break?” has been a hot question lately around campus. But why do I need bootsyou may ask? I will be traveling to Uruguay to explore their agriculture industry for a study abroad with some of my best friends. We will do some sightseeing and visit farms and that’s where the boots come into play. Every time I answer this question a rush of excitement comes over me. As the trip creeps upon me, there is maybe a slight bit of anxiety and fear. Fear that I have forgotten to pack something and anxiety of being cooped up on a plane for more than 3 hours. Getting a passport was another new experience for me although I have been out of the country (Canada), I have never had to get a passport. When that package came in the mail, that’s when the reality of the trip set in and shortly afterwards I booked my flight, which I have also never had to do on my own. So now I am going to lace up those boots, zip up my suit case, head out the door and board the plane to embark on a thrilling experience that I have been blessed to participate in.