I leave for Costa Rica in less than a week!


To be honest, it really has not hit me yet. I have been so busy with projects, work, and last minute assignments that Costa Rica is the last thing that has been on my brain. But I really should get myself prepared. All of my friends and family keep asking “Are you excited?!” I am excited but I really can’t get too excited until I handle all of my pre – trip business.

Missing Thanksgiving is a huge part of this trip and I do not know how I am going to handle my first time not being with my family.  My mother and grandmother are so sad. But I have been cheering them up by saying, “I’ll be home for Christmas though!” And don’t even let me get started on packing. I still do not know what to expect! Dr. Pegg told us that it will be cold, then I look up the weather online and it says that it will be rainy and hot! So do I bring long sleeves or short sleeves? Sweat pants or running shorts? A heavy coat? What type of shoes? I guess I will bring it all with me and go from there!

Overall, I would say that I am a bit anxious. I do not know what to expect at all and that is the worst feeling in the world. Thank goodness this is a faculty led trip and I will not be alone. See you soon Costa Rica!!!