I cannot believe how many beans I’ve consumed since coming here.

We literally have beans for breakfast, for lunch, and for dinner! That is a lot of beans! Thankfully, I have not grown tired of them yet! The food is all seasoned so well that I can not complain one bit! That is one thing that I want to emphasize, you will not go hungry on this trip! I have enjoyed just about every meal!

Surprisingly, Costa Rica is very mountainous and rocky. I really had no idea that the country has such an interesting geography. And I was not expecting there to be so much walking (or shall I say hiking). Please be prepared! The program description does not mention it, but we get to location via walking 75% of the time. The views are definitely worth the strenuous activity, however. Pictures cannot even capture how amazing the scenery is. The sights that I have seen so far will be with me for the rest of my life.