I am looking back to the night before I left for my trip.  I had to work 3-11 pm the day before, and had an incredible amount to do before I left.  This included doctor’s visits, picking up prescriptions, paying rent and all utilities in advance, and taking care of things involving the care wreck I had been in two days prior.  Even with all of this going on, I wasn’t too stressed.  It hadn’t hit me that I was going to Italy until I was on the plane.  The night before, I finally made it to my parents’ house at around 10 or 11pm.  I decided that I was going to stay up all night so I could sleep on the plane, and get everything done.  I stayed busy the entire night, and my mom decided to stay up with me too (bless her).  Finally around 7am we left for the airport, stopping at Chik-Fil-A on the way, what a great last American meal! I didn’t feel nervous whatsoever until I got to the point in the airport where my Mom could no longer walk with me.  I realized I was heading on the longest trip I’ve been on, the furthest from home I’ve ever been, and doing it all alone (or so I thought).  Advice for anyone going to Europe in May.  Bring lots of layers and rain gear.  One minute its 55 degrees and pouring rain, ten minutes later the sun is shining bright and it feels 70.

Ciao for now!