Typically the term “home-sick” refers to missing a place you’ve resided for a long period of time.  However, the term home-sick perfectly describes how I feel about Cortona.  I’ve never missed a place like I miss Italy.  Even more than that,  I miss the 70 people that I shared a dorm with.  Luckily, we’ve all kept in touch so far.  We’ve already discussed how we miss getting a slice of pizza and eating on the steps in the Piazza, and getting gelato from Snoopy’s after dinner.  I’m lucky to have visited a beautiful country, made great friends, and learn a lot in the process.  Now that I’m back in the states I’ve decided to change my lifestyle.  I typically work as much as possible, and don’t get to do many fun things with my friends or family.  After this month, I’ve realized that I need to slow down.  The Italian culture isn’t as rushed and it was really nice to de-stress for a while.  I’ve also decided that before I find a job after graduation, I will be traveling again.  I haven’t seen 75% of our own country, and Italy is the only place out of the country I’ve seen.  Before I’m really involved in my career, I want to take some time to see the world.  I’m not sure how exactly I’ll pay for it, but I know its worth it.  I’m really looking forward to my future.  This trip has changed my perspective for the better!  I can’t wait to return to Cortona one day.  🙂