A Healthier Life Style

Wow, what an awesome trip to Toulouse France!  The most significant observation was to realize how healthy and fit the people are in France.  It was a surprise to see the small percentage of people with a weight problem. The eating and exercise habits of the French people are contributors to their good physical condition.

My exposure to the Toulouse minimal food processing methods with the lack of preservatives and additives has motived me to eat more fresh foods.  I believe Americans should encourage this practice by supporting farmer’s markets and supermarkets that offer organic produce, and to avoid fast food establishments.  The French practice of marketing on a daily routine liberates them from the necessity of purchasing and storing processed food.

The French people walk everywhere.   The habit of walking instead of driving and the use of stairs instead of elevators keeps everyone is good shape regardless of age.  They have no need of scheduling a 20 minute workout as is customary in the United States; their whole day is an exercise.

The consumption of fresh organic foods and exercise are the ingredients for a healthier people.

George Grant