I am currently on day 14 of the Avian Biology Study Abroad Trip. We have visited many places and have almost constantly been on the move. Each day we go on at least one hike where we experience new wildlife, with a focus on birds. We have also seen and participated in numerous cultural experiences. So far on the trip however, my favorite excursion has been our time spent in Monteverde. We visited a protected reserve where we stayed for three nights or so. Monteverde is a very isolated mountain community with cold temperatures and high humidity. The trails and wildlife there were beautiful. We followed a guide for several day hikes as well as a few night hikes.  On one of these hikes I got to see the very rare and beautiful bird, the Quetzal. I especially enjoyed searching for bugs and frogs on the night hikes, because they are not readily seen during the day. We also got to spend some time in town to sight see and converse with some locals. I am still struggling to converse in Spanish which I have not taken in class since middle school, but I think I am improving. While in Monteverde we also got to go zip lining, which was an exhilarating experience. Soaring high above the canopy of the forest we got to see the country side in a way we have not gotten to before or since. Monteverde was very special because of its scenic location and vibrant species diversity. It was also a welcome climate change from the hot sweaty lowlands we have mostly been trekking through. All in all it has been the most memorable sojourn during our time here in Costa Rica, though I have a few more places to visit before returning home. I hope they will be just as meaningful!