Allison Fortner

  • Reflecting on Romania

    When my mind wanders back to Romania, I find it daunting to try describing all of my experiences in a few hundred words. Summarizing the two weeks we spent touring the country seems far too impossible. However, I’ve often found myself spouting off random bits of information about the people and places in a faraway…

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  • The Blessing of Romanian Colleagues

    As I sit in a coffee shop typing away, I miss European coffee, but I miss the friends I made in Romania more. One of my favorite parts of the two-week trip abroad was getting to know Romanian communications students and their perspectives. Our translators for the week were students earning their masters degrees in…

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  • Gearing Up for Romania

    Last summer, I found myself in a small Kansas town as I worked for the American Hereford Association. This summer, I am heading in a direction that is quite the opposite as I jet off to Romania for a Culture-Centered Communication Study Abroad to document the happenings around agricultural philanthropy in communities.   My first…

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