Image of the front of the John D. Kehoe Center

Going into this program, I had no idea what to expect when living in a different country for almost a month. It was scary because I am used to a certain routine, meals, and a cold room to sleep in. We lived at the top of the hill right before the Santa Margherita Church at the John D. Kehoe Center. On the first day, when we arrived at the Kehoe Center, we had an orientation to know what to expect while living on campus. We had key cards to let us into the exterior doors of the building as well as the individual rooms. In each room, there were five beds, three single beds and one bunk bed, with a conjoining bathroom to another room of five. We shared one sink, one toilet, and one shower with ten girls, which honestly was not as bad as you’d think it would be because you got really close and personal with these people very fast. There were also a few individual bathrooms throughout the dormitory to combat possible issues. Each room had a couple of closets, and each bed had their own nightstand. However, everyone just lived out of their suitcases for the length of our stay. There were also fans in each room because the dorm, like most of Italy, does not have air conditioning. Most people left their bedroom and bathroom windows open to let cool air in, but our room had a bat visitor that flew in and decided to stay a few nights, so we opted out of the open windows after that. The view outside of our room was so beautiful it looked like a painting, and the campus was just stunning. The landscape throughout Italy was some the most beautiful no matter where you were.