One of my favorite things to do in Paris was to sit out on the Eiffel tower lawn and just take in all of the stunning scenery. I absolutely loved to realx and watch the sun set over the tower. When the lights turn on and sparkle, it was unreal. So many people socialize and use the lawn as an area to make memories with the people they’re with. So many people would come to the lawn and play games with their friends or share a dinner with their family. This was such a surreal feeling to experience and absolutely one I will be returning to re-experience. One thing that surprised me was how many people get proposed to daily on the Eiffel tower lawn. I assumed from the movies that people did every once in a while, but I never realized how frequent it truly happens. We saw multiple every night, and this contributed to the overall joyful atmosphere. My favorite night in Paris was definitely the night we all got pizza and shared it on the lawn while we watched the sun set and the tower sparkle. It was a great way to celebrate the end of the trip with everyone we became so close with over the duration of the trip. Overall, I absolutely loved Paris, and the Eiffel tower lawn is my favorite place to be!