Picture this, a rugged landscape, medieval castles, crystal clear waterfalls, and outstanding scenery! It is a place I had only ever seen in TV shows, movies, and pictures, one where I never thought I would get to experience in person. The months before departing for Scotland left me feeling anxious, but excited about what I would experience and get to see, especially for the later half of our time in Scotland. As we went through our tour I was in awe at each stop. From the mountain tops of Glencoe in the Highlands, through the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye, to the historic Dunvegan Estate, everything exceeded my expectations. I was especially excited to hear the stories and legends surrounding the hillsides, lands, and bodies of water we passed from our tour guide, whose enthusiasm to show us his beautiful country made the experience all the more better. Seeing the way tourism was handled in these historic and beautiful places inspired our group to discuss the differences of tourism in the United States compared to Scotland. We noticed how Scotland especially was extremely in tune with nature and the animals around these areas, which meant everything was cultivated to the lay of the land. I also noticed there were no “borders” keeping people from seeing the views, which really emphasized finding your own path or journey to get to these alluring sights. Now that I have gotten to experience this once in a lifetime attraction, I can not wait to go back one day and see other sights I did not get to see during my trip. I can only hope more people, especially students participating in the Youth in Agriculture Study Abroad, get to be as exposed and enriched by this beautiful country, as I have. This Study Abroad has really taught me to slow down and enjoy the peaceful scenery around me, and I sincerely hope others get that too!