I have never really been one to enjoy teaching younger kids. I have found that I connect more with older students and am better able to relay content in a way that relates to them. However, I was pleasantly surprised walking into Troqueer Primary School for the first time. The students at this primary school were exceptional. They had such a level of respect for all faculty in the school and were so polite to us from the moment we arrived. What immediately caught my attention was that every classroom door opened up to the outside, and the majority of them were kept open throughout the day. It was a refreshing change of pace to have fresh air filling the classroom while we taught. During the lessons we taught the students were very respectful and were actively participating and listening throughout the duration of the class. Personally I had to slightly adjust my portion of the lesson after seeing how the students in that class interacted with the first section. I was panicking at first but once I got on a roll and figured out what they best responded to it was smooth sailing from there. I quickly realized how mature the students were for their age, which made teaching them that much more enjoyable. At the conclusion of our lesson, I had the opportunity to interact one on one with some of the students in that class. I was surprised at how their questions pertain solely to our lesson and the topic at hand. You could tell that they were very interested in learning more about the poultry industry and how it differs in different parts of the world. It makes me so happy to have the ability to share my love of agriculture with the next generation of agriculturalists. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience that I gained from teaching multiple classes at Troqueer Primary School. I think that throughout this experience I have learned that I am able to adequately read a room of students and adjust my content to better suit their learning ability. This is a vital skill that will come in handy in all aspects of professional and personal life.