Yes, that picture is in fact a real place. I went there on a weekend when I didn’t have any work to do (woo hoo!). The other intern and I, Pauline, decided the day before we went that we wanted to explore the country more. Luckily, we are only an hour away from the most breathtaking views you will ever see in the form of the Swiss Alps. 

We decided that we wanted to go to this town that is pretty well known for its magnificent views and rich history, Lucerne. We arrived to the mountain at noon and found the best picnic spot in the entire world! The picture above is taken right from that spot! Everytime I took a bite of my lunch and looked up after I was in awe that I was sitting in a spot that contained the most wondrous view in the world (in my humble opinion). We stayed there for a while and had a photoshoot. I mean can you blame us with that as our background? 

Anyways, after spending a nice long while on that mountain we decided to head into the city. The city itself is a rather typical European town, with small cobble-stoned streets and beautiful old buildings lining them. However, once we ventured further in we saw crowds of people wandering around what looked like a festival with beers in everyone’s hands. Pauline and I were very confused, because we couldn’t find anything online about a festival. Once we left and were eating dinner, though, I look more specifically with “Lucerne beer festival” and we find out that a beer company was hosting a festival to beat the world record of the most amount of cheers in a row! And the kicker is that the beer was free, and I had bought a 4 CHF glass of water… You live and you learn! What a great story though 🙂