As soon as I was emailed that I was accepted into the Ecuador study abroad program, I began to feel all of the emotions that came with it. I was both nervous, excited, and ready to go all at the same time. My parents were pretty skeptical about me going, especially my mom, but I was finally able to convince them both that I would be safe and with a great group of people and teachers.

I had absolutely no idea how much or what to pack at first, but the teacher made it pretty easy by giving us a checklist. I definitely did overpack for the trip, but used most of what I packed for everyday use. I was also quite nervous about the flight to Ecuador, but it was actually pretty smooth and easy-going. It was very hard saying goodbye to my parents at first but after some time I got used to being far away from them. I met many of the other students in the airport early before our flight and made friends with them immediately. They helped me feel much better about my pre-jitters because I knew that they would be a great group of people to go with. 

My teachers were also very reassuring about the whole trip and made me feel like I was just traveling with my family. Mrs. Jennifer, the TA, reminded me exactly of my Mimi because of her great personality and just the way she brings herself. I will never regret going on this study abroad as I made so many lifetime friends and such great experiences that I wouldn’t be able to see anywhere else. If you’re reading this, I highly suggest studying abroad because it really does give you a different experience with cultures and meeting new people that go to UGA.