On my study abroad trip to Spain, we took a day trip to Cordoba. While in Cordoba, we were led on a guided tour of the Mosque-Cathedral. The Mosque-Cathedral was built in the 7th century and completed in the 16th century with architecture switching back and forth from Christian and Muslim influence. The Great Mosque today has architecture and sculptures from at least five different architects. My favorite part of Spain was the incredible detail that the different cathedrals have inside of them, and the Mosque-Cathedral was one of my favorites. This cathedral in particular had hundreds of red and white arches that lined the interior, with a beautiful courtyard and bell tower outside the cathedral. While these arches made this cathedral very unique compared to other cathedrals in Spain, my favorite part of this specific cathedral was in the center. The central dome was detailed in many different white patterns and included large windows that allowed natural light to shine, whereas most of the other parts of the cathedral were very dim. The center of the mosque also included the choir section, carved out of mahogany wood, and the main alter, which had gold detail all over the ceiling. This part of the Mosque-Cathedral was the most breathtaking part because you did not even know it existed until you walked right into it.

After our tour of the Mosque-Cathedral, we were led on a tour through the streets in the historic part of Cordoba. This walk included hidden fountains and walls covered in little blue flower pots, with other flowers towering off the tops of many buildings.

After our walking tour around the city, we loaded up the bus and headed to our evening entertainment, which was a traditional Andalusian Horse Show! The Andalusian breed of horses was selected as a breed used primarily because of their athleticism and stamina. We were able to see this athleticism in action during the horse show. The horse show included different routines with traditional Spanish music and flamenco dancing. The most impressive routine was when the trainers had the horses stand on their hind legs and balance there for a few seconds!

This was one of my favorite days in Spain as it allowed me to immerse myself in architecture from different centuries, religions, and design styles during the visit to the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba. In addition, I was also grateful for the opportunity to experience a traditional Andalusian horse show that displayed the athleticism of horses, flamenco dancing, and traditional Spanish music.