One of my favorite memories from my study abroad trip to Cortona was the second to last weekend when my roommates & I left town to check out some other areas in Italy. Our exams were all Saturday mornings at 8:30 which may seem frustrating but it allowed us to get an early start on the weekends and make the most of our time. Cortona is a great jumping point to travel around the country because there’s a train station just in the town below that can take you anywhere. My four roommates and I all traveled north to stay in Pisa for the night. After relaxing on the train and enjoying some quiet time we finally pulled into the Florence Station to transfer but we could not figure out where our connection train was. We ran through the station and looked like complete idiots. Despite our efforts, we did get on the wrong train which took an extra hour to make it to Pisa. But that night I had one of the most amazing dinners of the entire trip. We sat at a small table outside of a restaurant near our Airbnb. I’ll always remember that night. We laughed for hours and my roommates became friends. The next day we all left Pisa and headed back to Florence to explore some more. I have been on a hunt for cannolis the entire trip in Florence was the first time I actually found some. We walked at least 8 miles that day and saw some great things in Florence while walking around. That evening when we returned to Cortona all of our legs had never been so sore. I will always be grateful for the time that we had on campus and away while studying abroad. It was a great weekend to say the least.