Studying abroad in France has given me the opportunity to visit all different sorts of places, including those outside of the country. While on break from my university, a couple other students and I flew to Thessaloniki and visited Nea Kallikrateia, where we tried local cuisine, got a view of Mount Olympus, and took a boat tour around different islands. Getting to Greece, I felt a little bit of fear and excitement, as I was going to my dream destination but also had no idea what to expect in terms of customs and language. Upon arriving, I was immediately met with kindness and warm welcomes, as the people there explained the area to me and all that the city had to offer. 

In my opinion, along with the kindness of the people, the best part of the trip, by far, was the boat ride/tour that I went on. Sailing around multiple islands and making three different stops, this boat ride was everything I had dreamed of and more. As the boat made its way around the islands, the skipper aboard provided my group with the history of the land and of the people that live on it. It was such an amazing experience to hear about all of the rich history of the country and get the chance to swim in and see the famous crystal blue waters of Greece. Everything about the trip had gone perfectly. The sunny weather, warm waters, the visible fish and coral. Up until the moment that it began to storm. At that moment, it felt as if the trip were over, as if the “perfect” day had finally come to a close. That was, until, the other students and I realized that a little rain couldn’t get us down. We were in Greece, on a boat, and traveling around beautiful islands. We all decided to jump back into the water and make the most of our experience, getting to do what most others couldn’t. 

I can wholeheartedly say that this trip to Greece was something that I will always cherish and never forget. It gave me the opportunity to see and try things I otherwise would not have been able to and a sense of confidence in enjoying all that life has to offer.