The few weeks before our trip I was a nervous wreck. I was trying to make sure I was packing everything I needed without over packing. We were told to take a hiking backpack as our suitcase. At first, I was upset about this, but I was so thankful for it. It was so much easier to be able to carry everything on your back without having to worry about rolling or keeping up with anything. I was also nervous about flying out of the country. I’d flown before, but the longest flight I had taken was only about four hours. This flight was between eight and nine. Usually, I have a big “oh my gosh, this is about to happen” moment whenever I go on a big trip or vacation. It never hit me that I was leaving the country until I actually got over there. I was so excited, and it was so worth it! I definitely recommend taking a hiking backpack and using space saver bags! I would also recommend taking an empty duffle bag just in case you bring back more than you take, like I did. It was the most amazing experience. I met so many new friends and got to make memories of a lifetime. There was no language barrier, other than a few words we say that they don’t- such as y’all. Some parts of the trip didn’t go as planned, such as our train and plane getting delayed. Also, because of COVID-19, we weren’t able to visit the primary school on the first day. We made the most of everything, and even got to spend more time exploring and visiting places around Scotland, such as the farms and agricultural college, and even a beautiful castle. I wish the program would’ve lasted longer!!