My 1st most valuable experience was being able to visit the city of Thessaloniki. Being able to explore with the friends that I had made on the trip was incredible. The city was bustling full of other young people and it felt like it was just so full of life. This was definitely more of a cultural experience for me. I got to see what city life was like in a place other than America. I got a chance to taste the best food I’ve ever had. The gyros were indescribable. Part of me feels like Thessaloniki was a perfect combination of Athens and Santorini. Whilst in the city, I was able to study at the America Farm School. The American Farm School was a beautiful campus that was filled with farmlands as well as greenhouses. There were many students on the campus since it was not only a college but a high school. We visited this site to continue learning about the agriculture that Greece has a part in. I thought the school was a great place and was glad that I was able to have this experience. The cultural aspect was one I’d never forget either. I took a visit to the Archaeological Museum. The museum was filled with beautiful remains that were thousands of years old in the city of Thessaloniki. I was able to see ancient artifacts that were still in near perfect condition. We visited this site to get a grasp of all of the things that were able to be recovered from old times. It gave us a sense of culture in Greece. I thought it was interesting how many of the pieces were able to stand the strong test of time. This experience was definitely one of the best of the trip.