In Athens, I live with 6 roommates and two dogs, so I figured that I was living about as tight as I possibly could. When we arrived to our host home in Spain, I was proven wrong. Our host mom hosted study abroad and traveling students as her job. There were three of us from the UGA trip in the house when we arrived, all staying in one room, as well as two students from the US who had been there the entire semester. Throughout the duration of the two weeks we were there, there were probably eight or so kids from all over that came through for a few days at a time. There were kids from France, Germany and a few other countries who stayed in the three bed, two bath flat in Granada. At one point during the session, we had 9 people staying in the apartment, which made for a lot of cold showers and crowded rooms. It also made for very interesting talks around the dinner table. Aside from those of us from the UGA trip and the other two students from the US, no one spoke fluent English. Our host mom did not speak a bit of English which made talking around the dinner table difficult, with mixes of German, French, English and Spanish floating around. This was probably where I learned most of my Spanish over the trip. Our host mom was always trying to get us to talk to her in Spanish, whether it was about what we did during the day or about dinner itself. I was probably knew the least Spanish in the house, so this was difficult but I enjoyed it. We watched the Spanish version of Wheel of Fortune at dinner most nights, which I learned some Spanish from as well. I do not think our living situation could have been any better.