My third most valuable experience was enjoying a sunset cruise in Santorini. I cannot emphasize enough how this was was the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had. The views were so beautiful that the pictures couldn’t do the scenery justice. I was able to learn about the history and rich culture of the Greek island. I never knew the island was formed from a gigantic volcanic eruption that broke it into 3 separate parts. I learned this after I walked up to the dusty active volcano. After taking the 30-minute hike up and down, I was enthused to see and learn more. I’ll never forget being able to take at that moment with my classmates and peers. The boat ride was full of laughter and good times. After the volcano stopped we pulled into the hot springs. We were encouraged to jump from the cruise ship and swim our way to the springs. I was a bit nervous at first but knew it was something I didn’t want to miss out on. The water was so clear that you could see straight to the ocean floor. Feeling the water on me when I jumped in made everything worthwhile. I’d imagine that this is what the water in heaven felt like. It was so refreshing and reinvigorating that I honestly didn’t want to get back on the ship. Afterward, everyone on board was able to relax and enjoy the views. As the sun was setting, everyone was able to take in a nice dinner and enjoy pop and traditional Greek music. I’m truly glad that I was able to have this experience.