My second most valuable experience was being able to gain a vast amount of knowledge on the economics of Greece. I was first able to do this by studying at the Athens University of Economics and Business. The AUEB was a nice school that noticeably had a big impact on students and professors that attended. Each day I saw plenty of people coming in and out of the building whether it had been to attend class or teach. We visited the site to partake in daily lectures. Through the school, I was able to be well informed on the Greek crisis and well as many things in relation to the Greek culture. Secondly, I was impacted by our visit to the Bank of Greece. Located in the center of Athens, the bank of Greece is an important financial hub that plays a key role in trying to maintain a stable market in Greece. Upon entry, the inside of the building was grand and I could instantly feel the importance. We were escorted to a large meeting room. In that room, we were lectured on the Greek financial crisis by some of the banks’ officials. I was able to receive first-hand knowledge on important and topics that were relevant to what our study abroad trip was about. What made it better is that the lecture was set in a place with significance in regards to that topic. I was glad to have been able to take part in a learning experience that was so hands on. I really tried my best to stay engaged the whole time because I knew that the lessons on the crisis.