Lemon. レモン. Citronu. Chanh. Limão.

However you say lemon, sometimes life hands them to you. Baseball game gets rained out. Your favorite tv show gets canceled. **One of your return flight connections from Europe gets canceled and you have to sit in the Boston airport praying that you get on the standby flight for 6 pm and don’t have to wait until 1 am before you can head back to Atlanta. Your brand new curling iron stopped working for absolutely no reason. Sometimes it seems like just nothing is going your way! For now, I’m going to focus on that one with the asterisks. When you are traveling sometimes unexpected things happen. For me, my first day in Europe started with me having around 7 hours of sleep in the 72 hours prior to arrival. In between cities, a train we were taking as a group had to have mechanical work done, delaying our trip. A bridge collapsed in one place adding hours of time to our trip leading to us being unable to make a set itinerary stop. And like I said earlier, one of my flights got canceled. It seems like I just had a bucket full of lemons yet I am glad all of those things happened.  All of those things ended up having a positive impact on my experience. When the events occurred, they seemed like unfortunate events but looking back, I see that the train delay gave me more time to study for my quiz which improved my grade. The missed itinerary stop gave me time to explore on my own once we arrived in the city. The canceled flight, well it probably saved me from getting into a plane crash because it was canceled for bad weather. When traveling, there are so many things that can go wrong. A few of them are bound to happen. The most important thing to know is that plans are flexible. I am someone who needs to know every detail and bit of information about something before it begins. When you’re traveling, not knowing is the fun part. Everything isn’t going to go as planned. 3 weeks in Europe, no way every single thing will go the right way. Having flexible plans, or just having an open mind to change will allow for a much more enjoyable experience abroad. When you know that regardless of how bad something seems at the time, however many lemons you get when you use them the right way they can make some sweet lemonade. I mean look at these European lemons!


Lemon- Fiesole, Italy


Lemon Tree at Villa Gamberaia- Florence, Italy


**I got the standby flight:)