Imagine riding on a charter bus to your destination comfortably and at a certain point, you hear that you have to walk the rest of the way to your destination because the bus cannot fit on the road. This was something I was not expecting to hear, but our final destination, about a 10 minute walk away thankfully, was well worth the journey. We went to a tropical farm this day that was run by the man that was giving us a tour of all of the trees that grew on the farm. He showed us avocado plants, cherimoya plants (my new favorite fruit), banana plants, and níspero plants. We ended our tour at the farmer’s house and to my surprise, he had plates as shown in the picture for each of us filled with fruits and toast. It was my first time eating níspero (the circular orange fruit below the avocado) and cherimoya (not pictured). The níspero had a tart/sour taste and the cherimoya had a sweet taste that I fell in love with. Now that I’m back in America, if there is one thing I will miss it will surely be cherimoyas.