Before going to Spain. I had never been out of the country. I had barely even been out of Georgia. If you can imagine the fear I had built up to the night before leaving. I had researched almost every day and spoken to others to gain as much insight as I possibly could about the culture I would be immersing myself into. But I discovered that all of the fear I built of this new experience was unnecessary. Here are a few tips for someone who has never traveled before. Tip number one, make sure to research the country before stepping foot into the country. If not, there will be many surprises awaiting you. I am thankful that I made sure to look at the schedule of my study abroad and researching each specific city we were traveling to. This helped me understand how the people dress and carry themselves and the risks I could be making walking throughout the city. Europe is known for pick pocketing and if I did not come across this while researching, I may not have been prepared and aware of what others were doing around me. Tip number two, make a packing list. I most certainly did not do this. I began packing the night before my plane left, so probably not the best idea. Creating a packing list can help lessen the stress of traveling because you know exactly what you are bringing and you know you have everything. Tip number three, if the country you are entering speaks another language you should try to speak important phrases. This is something I tried but miserably failed at doing. I had never taken a Spanish class in my life and it definitely showed. Most importantly, don’t put too much stress on yourself and don’t let others freak you out. Others will be overly dramatic about the crime in another country, but it is just so they know you are safe. It is imperative to be safe but also have fun in this amazing experience. If you are always worried, it will take away the experience and knowledge you will be gaining.