Our time in Uruguay is coming to an end, but the experiences and memories I’ve had along the way will stay with me forever. It’s our second to last day, and we’ve traveled what seems like the entirety of the country. Visiting the cities and different farms has been amazing, but my favorite day has to be the second day we spent in Treinta y Tres.

After a quick breakfast, we started off our day visiting a cow-calf and sheep system. We had the opportunity to see the beautiful hills and learn about the different experiments that are put on by the farm to improve future management. After leaving and grabbing lunch, we headed to El Paraiso (which literally translates to paradise), where we were greeted by some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. We were then able to look into the economics of running the farm, as well as getting a chance to look at the rice fields and the river that flowed into them. Just as it seemed the day couldn’t get any better, we were able to ride horses through the pastures as the sun was setting, resulting in a picture perfect opportunity. It was so much fun to ride a horse with everyone, and once we got back, we were treated to a huge barbecue.

Each day trip I’ve been on in Uruguay has been amazing in its own way, but this one was special for me in the sense that we were able to look at agriculture from a research perspective. I’m very interested in how things can be improved, what effects certain factors have, and how Uruguay does things differently than in the U.S. It was also nice to see the many different landscapes that just one city can offer, and how farmers use that landscape to their advantage. Overall, it was a great day, and I can look back on it thinking of all the things I learned and enjoyed.