It happened. The day I have been training for. The day I could express my inner Lorelai Gilmore and eat until I could no longer move. This is one of those unbutton your pants before you eat kind of meals. One of those meals you will instantly regret on the walk back to the hotel, but also a meal you will NEVER forget.

On day four of the Grand Tour, we arrived in Florence, Italy. Dr. Smalley and our tour guide Denise explained to us that we would be having a group meal and that it would last for hours. Hours? No way. Well, he was right. Just when we thought the food couldn’t get better, it did. Each time we thought another course couldn’t possibly come out, it did.

I knew that Italian food would be amazing. But goodness gracious.

The meal started off with bread, prosciutto, sliced meats, honey and cheese, then moved to soups, then pasta, liver pate on toast points, duck, rabbit, and some other mystery meats, and ended with a very delicious dessert platter. Oh, and biscotti. The Italians do it right.

All of this to say, I encourage each of you that are considering study abroad to do it. There is a beautiful world out there–ALMOST as amazing as Athens, GA. This trip allowed me to see so many different cultures and try so many delicious foods. It is truly an opportunity of a lifetime. Don’t be afraid to try new things. You should always try to step out of your comfort zone. This trip allows you to do that, but also provides you with the comfort of having faculty there for you if needed.

I hope some of these food photos get you excited about this wonderful trip across Europe. If you find yourself in a little family restaurant in Florence with meat hanging from the ceiling, here is my advice to you: In the words of my girl Lorelai Gilmore,  “Start at the top and stop when you hit the table”