Hiking quickly became an expected daily activity during our Avian Biology trip. It was the only way to find the elusive birds, as well as see some of the wonderful scenery. One hike, in particular, stood out on my trip, due to both difficulty and the arrival of a furry friend. We were preparing for the hardest hike in our trip when our group attracted a hitchhiker. A white, fluffy dog that decided following our group seemed like fun. As we set off into the rain forest, the dog followed us, keeping up easily despite the difficult terrain. She climbed up around eight hundred steps with the rest of us in order to reach our remote lodging in Karen Mogensen reserve. Once we arrived the arrived at our lodging we could see our efforts were not in vain. The reserve was beautiful and for the next two nights, we got to enjoy all the amazing animals with our new friend, who we gave the name Lady. Through all the exhausting hikes, Lady was there giving us extra motivation. When we finally had to leave the reserve, Lady followed us back down the mountain and went back to her home. It’s a fact to say none of us will forget the happy dog that followed us on our adventures on the mountain.