All in all, our trip to Costa Rica was great! I learned more about cacao farms and chocolate production than I could’ve ever imagined. I also got to experience Costa Rican culture, tried lots of tropical fruit, and brushed up on my Spanish. We got to see a state park that tours a cloud forest and a botanical garden, and I saw large variety of tropical plants, trees, and flowers. We also saw a Coati, which is Costa Rica’s version of a raccoon. At the research center we stayed at, we even saw a volcano that was smoking. Another thing I really enjoyed, was seeing the mountains and the ocean from the plane. This was my first time seeing the Pacific Ocean, which was very neat. We also flew over Havana, and you could tell how crystal blue the water was from the air. I’m very grateful to have been able to go on this trip my senior year!

Even with the new experiences, endless food, savory chocolate, and beautiful views, I was still glad to be home when I saw my parents awaiting me at the airport! Welcome back to Georgia, and GO DAWGS!

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