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Trip of a Lifetime

France is more beautiful than I ever could have imagined. It is a little difficult to navigate due to the language barrier, but everyone here has been very friendly towards us and have tried to accommodate us the best they can. There is so much history in every town that we have visited and I find it amazing how they worked in all the historical architect into the new growth of the cities instead of just tearing down and rebuilding. It was interesting the see apartments from 100 years or more still intact and mixed in with the new. I have especially enjoyed getting to visit all the old cathedrals that go as far back as the 1500’s. History may not be the main reason I signed up for this trip but I considerate it a nice bonus.

I have also really enjoyed all of our field trips for our classes. I didn’t realize that France was so big into organic production and pretty much everything is organically grown. As a Poultry Science major, I found it really interesting how they have three different levels of poultry production instead of just the standard and organic that the U.S produces. I was not expecting there to be such a difference in the way they handle agriculture.