My favorite moment of the trip was when I got to swim with sea lions. I got to swim with sea lions on 2 occasions, however the second occasion was particularly special to me. We took a boat ride out to Kicker Rock. Which was basically a huge rock/land mark in the middle of the ocean on the island San Cristobal in the Galapagos Islands. To be quite honest I am not a great swimmer and the ocean fascinates me, but I am also kind of scared of it. So swimming in the middle of the ocean was pretty nerve-wracking for me. But there was one particular moment that made all my fears go away. We were so deep in the ocean we couldn’t even see the bottom of the ocean. We were snorkeling all over and then all of a sudden a single sea lion comes swimming right up to us. He stared at me directly in the eye and then swam right towards me. Inches away from my face, he quickly turned directions and then started swimming all around me. He wanted to play with me! He was following us for awhile, and it was just such an amazing indescribable moment. I started smiling and laughing so hard that water entered my mask- so worth it! This was by far my favorite moment because I felt like I connected with a wild sea lion in literally the middle of the ocean. It was so amazing and I will never forget it.