How to Avoid Overpacking for an International Trip and other things to consider:

When I first was accepted to one of the UGA Cortona study abroad program, I began to consider how I was going to pack for a month in Italy.

I knew I would be living in a dorm, so I tried to limit my luggage. I also knew there would be at least two days that I would be with my luggage, dragging it from the airport. About a month before my trip, I spent some time scouring YouTube for packing solutions. I purchased small packing cubes that could hold clothes and organize a suitcase. It made unpacking a quick and painless process. I also considered bringing clothes that I could mix and match to avoid a heavy suitcase. I also bought a carry on sized suitcase with four wheels that made the sometimes stressful airport process a breeze. If you plan to shop, don’t bring as much stuff! Trust me, you will not miss that 4th  pair of shoes. You will most likely end up wearing the same pants every other day anyway.

Another benefit of staying in Cortona is being able to do your laundry for free 🙂 (there are no dryers though). Some essentials I packed were comfortable sneakers and a comfy pair of “nicer” shoes, a compact plug adapter, comfy headphones, and a lightweight laptop. If you have dietary restrictions, allergy cards in whatever foreign language is a plus as well! Try to also exchange your currency BEFORE leaving the country or somehow get enough cash to avoid using the ATM too often (those international fees are no joke). If you can, apply for a travel credit card and build up rewards! Lastly, don’t be afraid to make new friends and take any chance you can to do any additional traveling during your free time. Ciao!