When you walking around a city you don’t know in the U.S. you may feel lost, but you can always manage around because the people speak English and you can ask for directions. However, when you’re in another country that does not use English as their primary language it can be a little intimidating when walking through the streets. You hear people talk, but you can not make out words or sentences only noise and sounds. With time you get use to it and you learn how to feel comfortable in your new host country and that is when you begin to want to learn to speak their language. The way I started to learn more French was by interacting with the locals and making friends at the host university school. They taught me a couple words and sayings the young people say now a days which made me feel like I was starting to fit in. My favorite saying they taught me was, “c’est la vie” which means “that’s life”. I liked it so much because it is true, life happens.